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At Champagne Smiles, we offer comprehensive dental care that will exceed all expectations and leave you with a beautiful, long-lasting smile! Voted Best Dentist in Monmouth County for the last 10 years, We take great pride in providing our Morganville, NJ community with top-notch care year-round. Our practice offers innovative, modern, and compassionate care you can rely on for all your dental needs!

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Our Mission

We can help efficiently and adequately treat your dental concerns under one roof by providing in-house dental services. At Champagne Smiles, we make it our mission to help treat you, not just the one problem you may be experiencing. When you are a part of the Champagne Smiles family, know you will be treated as an honored guest whose needs are prioritized!

Meet The Doctors

Meet the Doctors

Under One Roof

Diversified Dental Care Under One Roof

Here at Champagne Smiles, we have surgeons, restorative dentists, and an in-house dental lab to help provide you with exceptional, comprehensive care. Our team of specialists takes control of each phase of your treatment, ensuring you are well taken care of throughout your visit. At Champagne Smiles, know you are receiving outstanding service that is hard to find elsewhere!

Commitment to Serve
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wavering Commitment to Serve

With over 30 years of experience in the dental field, are team of doctors are dedicated to serving his community. He and his team help patients achieve better dental health and confidence through beautiful smiles all year round. Thanks to Dr. Richard Champagnes’s many years of experience, it is no wonder we have been recognized as the “Best of the Best” Dentist in Monmouth County!

Visiting the Dentist

Made Hassle-Free

We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive, generational care that caters to every family member’s unique needs. Our commitment extends beyond oral health to ensuring simplicity and convenience in every dental visit. We understand the importance of seamless experiences, and our team is dedicated to making appointments comfortable for all ages.

From pediatric dentistry to specialized care for seniors, our range of services is designed to address the diverse needs of each generation. With state-of-the-art facilities and a compassionate staff, we create a welcoming atmosphere that fosters trust and relaxation. Your family’s oral health is important to us, and we strive to make every visit a positive and stress-free experience for everyone.

Our Exceptional Services

Dental Implants

At Champagne Smiles, we specialize in dental implants to help solve the problem of missing teeth. Dental implants help replace the tooth and the root, which helps restore function and appearance and prevent bone loss. We offer single implants, implant-supported dentures, dental bridges, and full mouth dental implants.

Same-Day Crowns & Bridges

Thanks to our in-house dental lab, we can fabricate your crown or bridge on the same day as your appointment. Crowns are fitted caps that cover a damaged tooth and can help restore its size, shape, and appearance. Bridges are used to replace one or more missing teeth by filling the gaps with one or more false teeth.

Full Mouth Rehabilitations

We can completely transform and restore your smile by offering full mouth dental implants and cosmetic services. Full mouth dental implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth, and they are customized to replicate the size, shape, and color of your existing teeth. With our different full mouth rehabilitation services, you can leave our office with a new and improved smile that will last a lifetime.

A Comfortable, Worry-Free Visit

At Champagne Smiles, we understand how visiting the dentist can cause anxiety and stress to some. Thanks to sedation dentistry, we can ease your nerves and create a comfortable environment for you to receive the necessary treatments. From oral consciousness to IV sedation, we are happy to offer multiple sedation options to make your visit as stress-free as we can.

State-of-the-Art Technology

At Champagne Smiles, we are happy to have advanced technology to help treat any issues you may have efficiently and minimally invasively. From cavity detection technology to soft tissue lasers, we can treat your needs in-house and leave you with a restored smile. Thanks to our advanced technology, we can help maximize your time at our office.

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