Champagne Smiles Dental Plan

Office Policies

Our Dental Plan is Simple

With all the confusion about dental insurance plans – not ever being sure of what’s covered and what isn’t…

Champagne Smiles is pleased to offer a simple and cost-effective solution. Champagne Smiles Dental Plan will make your dental care affordable for a low annual membership fee.

Our primary goal, as always, is to offer you state-of-the-art treatment provided by a caring, friendly staff. With our dental plan you will be able to afford the treatment you deserve.

How Our Plan Works

Once enrolled, you are entitled to our preventive care program, which includes two yearly examinations, heathy cleanings, visual oral cancer screening and necessary x-rays at no cost.

There are no deductibles, and no maximum per year. And you will enjoy 10% off all other dental services, whether it’s a basic or cosmetic procedure. Click on the button to learn more details about our plan.

Champagne Smiles Dental Plan Brochure