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All You Need, All In One Place

At Champagne Smiles, we offer comprehensive care to ensure you receive all your dental care needs under one roof. 

We’ve curated a team of specialists within our dental office, each proficient in a specific phase of treatment, ensuring that you and your family receive expert care tailored to your individual needs. Our dentists help partner our patients with a concierge to treat them like an honored guest, meaning you and your needs are a priority.

This personalized approach ensures that from the moment you step through our doors, you experience a seamless and comfortable treatment through all aspects of your dental care. 

With dentists and specialists collaborating seamlessly and a concierge dedicated to your well-being, our all-under-one-roof concept is designed to make your dental experience comprehensive, efficient, and tailored to your unique needs.

Our Award-Winning Practice

Our philosophy revolves around treating you, not just teeth, and this distinctive approach has proudly earned us the title of the best dental office in town for 10 consecutive years. 

Being given “Best of the Best” by Asbury Park Press for decades underscores our commitment to patient-centered care. We believe in building lasting relationships with those we serve, prioritizing your overall well-being and dental health.

Our dedicated team of dentists and specialists goes beyond the conventional, ensuring that each patient feels valued and cared for throughout their visit. 

Being the only dental office in the county consistently voted as the best is a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence, making us a trusted choice for those seeking a dental experience that prioritizes the individual behind the smile.

Our Advanced Technology


Cavity Detection

To detect cavities, our dentists must look at dental X-rays. With the help of X-rays, our team of dentists can see where cavities and decay are and tell which type of cavity you have. The three types of cavities detected with X-rays are smooth surface, pit, fissure, or root. Cavity detection is paramount because it can help prevent future tooth decay.


Electronic Shade Selector for Restorations

When restoring teeth, our team must match the color of your restorations to your existing teeth. With the help of an electronic shade selector, our dentists can give your tooth restorations a natural look and have them seamlessly blend in with your other teeth.


CBCT Scanner

A CBCT scanner, or cone-beam computed tomography scanner, is an imaging system that captures three-dimensional images. This scanner rotates around the patient’s head and captures images of teeth, bones, soft tissues, and nerve pathways in the mouth and head. This scanner is used at our dental office when traditional X-rays will not work.


In-House Mill

At our dental office, we have an in-house dental milling machine. This machine helps manufacture crowns and bridges and veneers. With the help of our in-house mill, our dentists can create same-day restorations for patients.


Soft Tissue Lasers

Our dentists use soft tissue lasers for many reasons, such as treating periodontitis or destroying bacteria in gum pockets. Soft tissue laser procedures can help treat a “gummy smile” and help restore your smile. With soft tissue lasers, your procedure can be minimally invasive, and your wounds can heal faster.


Platelet-Rich Plasma and Vampire Facials

Vampire facials, or Platelet-Rich plasma (PRP), is a micro-needling treatment involving your own Platelet-Rich Plasma. This treatment aims to stimulate collagen production and rejuvenate your skin. Vampire facials are fast, require little to no downtime, and are generally pain-free.


Smile Preview

During a consultation for a smile makeover, our team will be able to show you a “preview” of your new smile. With the help of state-of-the-art digital technology, you will see what your new and improved smile will look like even before the treatment has begun! We charge a small fee since we use our advanced technology for the preview.


Intraoral Mockup

Mockups are essential in dentistry because they present the desired outcome on one's teeth and smile even before the final treatment plan has begun. Direct mock-ups are fabricated by applying composite resin intraorally on the patient's teeth. These mock-ups may provide instant feedback from the patient and help motivate the patient toward treatment.


Guided Surgeries and Free-Hand

When planning a dental implant, we must choose which method to use: guided surgery or free-hand. When selecting a free-hand technique, the dentist will not go back and forth with a laboratory to create a precise guide during the procedure. Guided surgeries involve a highly detailed planning process that uses a CBCT scanner.

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