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The experienced dental team at Champagne Smiles offers a comprehensive range of general dentistry services in Monmouth County designed to keep your teeth looking healthy and bright. Our advanced general dental procedures help you maintain good oral health, address current problems, prevent future issues, and identify early concerns that could get worse, if left untreated.

General and Family Dentistry

The dentists at Champagne Smiles see patients of all ages for procedures ranging from routine general dental care to major dental rehabilitation. We make it a point to make children feel as comfortable as possible at our practice, and we offer a number of options to help them develop healthy teeth and gums.

For older patients, Champagne Smiles offers advanced cosmetic, general, and restorative dentistry techniques to solve common problems and enhance both the form and function of teeth and gums. It’s a great pleasure for our dental team to treat all patients, from the very young to the very young at heart!

General Dental Office in Monmouth County

Along with good brushing and flossing habits, the best way to guarantee healthy teeth and gums for life is to regularly see your dentist. We offer the following general dental services to help you achieve good oral health.

Oral Examination and Cleaning

An oral exam and dental cleaning can go a very long way to catching problems early and maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Our skilled dental hygienists will examine the inside of your mouth and, if there are any issues, our dentist will recommend a treatment plan that can prevent them from becoming worse.

Your teeth will also be thoroughly cleaned with professional techniques designed to help keep away gum disease and decay. A professional dental cleaning at Champagne Smiles also includes a blood pressure screening, oral hygiene instruction, oral cancer screening, computerized perio-charting, a complete exam, laser bacterial reduction (if needed) and a dental gift bag filled with tools to help the overall success of your dental health (to take home at the end of your appointment).

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Oral Cancer Screening

The doctor or hygienist will also perform an oral cancer exam. This involves feeling around the cheeks, gums, and tongue, under the jaw, and the sides of the neck for signs of oral cancer.

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Custom Mouth Guards

Many sports require athletes to use a mouth guard to protect their teeth while practicing and playing. Frequently used in contact sports, the mouth guard covers the gums and teeth to provide protection for lips, gums, teeth, and arches. A properly fitted mouth guard can reduce the severity of dental injuries.

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Scaling and Root Planing

Champagne Smiles offers a number of advanced periodontal care options that can help you improve issues caused by gum disease and renew the appearance of your gums. Our dentists can provide you with virtually painless treatment that results in less recovery time when compared with traditional methods. Champagne Smiles uses state-of-the-art technology called the Florida Probe for early detection of gum disease.

Scaling and root planing is a non-surgical procedure used to treat gum disease. During the scaling process, specialized dental instruments are used to remove dental plaque and calculus from beneath the gums. Planing is the procedure used to smooth the tooth roots after the scaling process. Root planing helps the gums heal and reattach themselves to a cleaner and smoother root surface.

The practice also offers Arestin®, an effective antibiotic medication that can help you effectively fight gum disease.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal therapy can often be necessary to save teeth that are suffering from severe decay and damage. When the pulp of a tooth becomes infected, it can become extremely painful and even lead to an abscess in the affected area. If left untreated, the diseased tissue can lead to serious health problems, including the risk of stroke, heart attack, and other conditions.

Root canal therapy removes the pulp and sterilizes the nerves in the area to destroy the bacteria. The nerve chamber is then sealed with a strong filling material. Once the tooth has been treated, it will need to be fitted with a porcelain dental crown to give it strong support. This will also have an aesthetic benefit since the crown will be custom made to look like your natural tooth.

Tooth Extractions

A tooth that cannot be saved with restorative procedures may need to be removed. Before removal of the tooth, the area will be numbed with anesthesia. The tooth is loosened from the jawbone and surrounding ligaments and tissues with a gentle rocking motion. Once it is loose, it is gently removed. Stitches may be necessary after the removal of a tooth.

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TMJ Treatment

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is similar to a sliding hinge that connects your jawbone to your skull. TMJ disorders can cause pain in the jaw joint and in the muscles that control jaw movement.

To treat TMJ disorders, first the cause has to be identified. Improper alignment due to genetics or injury, arthritis affecting the cartilage in the joint, malocclusion, and trauma can all cause TMJ disorders.

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