Can You Eat With Invisalign?

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One of the benefits of opting for Invisalign instead of traditional braces is that you can eat whatever you want while undergoing orthodontic treatment. Because Invisalign uses a series of removable alignment trays, you simply need to remove the trays to enjoy all your favorite foods. However, you should never attempt to eat anything while wearing your trays. Moreover, you should not chew gum or drink anything other than water while wearing your trays. 


Why Do I Have to Remove My Invisalign While I Eat?

There are two reasons why eating while wearing your Invisalign trays is off-limits. First, consider that your teeth are powerful. After all, they are powerful enough to chew up tough, gummy, and sticky foods. This means they are powerful enough to destroy your alignment trays. A broken tray can prolong your treatment significantly. 

A second reason you cannot eat while wearing the trays is that food and beverages other than water will stain your alignment trays. The last thing you’ll want is to invest in nearly invisible alignment trays only to stain them with food. 

Incidentally, smoking and gum chewing also leave residue on your teeth which can transfer to your Invisalign trays, so you’ll need to break both habits while undergoing Invisalign treatment.


How to Prevent Invisalign Trays from Staining

To keep your Invisalign trays as clear and unnoticeable to others as possible, follow these guidelines:


Helpful Tips to Make Invisalign Treatment Easy

Because you need to remove your Invisalign trays when you eat or drink anything other than water, it’s a great time to cut down on snacking. If you’re a person who nibbles all day long, you’ll soon find you’re brushing and rinsing your mouth constantly. Many patients find it easier to just stick with meals and avoid snacking.

If you’re a coffee drinker, you may find it helpful to begin scaling back on your consumption before you begin Invisalign treatment. You may want to settle for one or two cups throughout the day so you’re not constantly brushing your teeth.

If you chew gum habitually, you’ll need to break the habit. Invisalign must be worn 20-22 hours each day to complete your treatment as planned. Between meals, coffee, or a cocktail, that doesn’t allow much time to have your trays out to chew gum.  

Remember, just because the trays are removable doesn’t mean you should remove them more often than is necessary. So, plan to reduce snacking and limit your coffee, wine, or tea consumption until you complete treatment.  Fortunately, most people complete treatment within about a year so the changes will be temporary. 


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