How Do You Tell If You Need A Root Canal?

Pain in the tooth is often the first sign that tooth decay, or infection has penetrated the exterior of the tooth and is now in the pulp (interior) of the tooth. But you’ll need a dentist to confirm the source of the pain. Keep in mind that pain, although the most common, and often noticeable […]

Need a Full Mouth Reconstruction? Here’s What You Should Know

“You deserve a champagne smile.” It’s not just our practice’s motto, it’s something we truly believe. If you need a full mouth reconstruction, you probably have a lot of mixed feelings: anxiety, of course, but also a little bit of excitement at the prospect of having the smile you’ve always wanted. Extensive dental work can […]

Dental Phobia: What You Need to Know

Fear of the dentist is incredibly common, ranging from mild to severe. However, dental phobia, also known as dentophobia, is a more serious condition that can interfere with your life. Many people with this phobia postpone even critical dental procedures, putting their oral and physical health at risk. Here’s what you need to know.   […]