How Can Invisalign Fix an Overbite?

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Invisalign primarily straightens teeth, but dentists can also use it to repair minor to moderate bite issues. Invisalign provides discreet, convenient treatment for older teens and adults who need orthodontic work but don’t want to deal with the issues connected with traditional braces.

According to dental research, Invisalign is a proven method of orthodontic treatment. It is not only effective in realigning crooked teeth, but it can also correct moderate overbite issues. We will explain how Invisalign can reverse overbites and name some of the advantages of this form of treatment.


What Is an Overbite?

An overbite occurs when the front teeth protrude outward. A vertical overbite happens when the top teeth project from the lower teeth. A horizontal overbite causes the top teeth to sit in front of the bottom teeth, partially obscuring them from view.

An overbite can damage teeth and lead to cavities, enamel erosion, speech trouble, gum disease, migraine headaches, and problems with chewing or eating. For these reasons, you should consider seeking treatment when you notice that you or your child has an overbite.


How Invisalign Fixes Overbites

Invisalign treatment applies gentle pressure on teeth to change their alignment. Created by a sophisticated digital program, each aligner nudges the teeth into a new position. As the series of graduated aligners progresses, the pressure slowly increases. Over time, the dentist corrects your bite and tooth alignment using the aligners. Wear your retainer after treatment for the best results.

Invisalign is appropriate for mild to moderate overbites, but more severe cases may require traditional braces. Your dentist can tell you whether you need braces or whether Invisalign treatment will work for you.


Advantages of Invisalign


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