What Can I Eat After Dental Surgery?

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A common question we hear at Champagne Smiles is, “What soft foods can you eat after oral surgery procedures?”

After oral surgery or dental implants, it’s important to eat soft foods that don’t require much chewing. Some ideas include:


How long after dental implants can I eat normally?

After your surgery, we’ll provide you with specific aftercare instructions. Generally speaking, we recommend soft foods for 24 hours after your procedure. Avoid hot foods and beverages for several hours and don’t use a straw for at least 24 hours.


Why is it so important to focus on protein intake after dental implant surgery?

Protein is a critical building block when it comes to repairing tissues after dental implant surgery and preventing infection, so Dr. Champagne recommends eating more protein than you normally would to optimize healing. Protein powders are a great way to accomplish this if you find that you don’t have much of an appetite.


How do I add protein to a soft-food diet?

Many patients worry that they won’t be able to hit their protein goals if they can’t eat meat and nuts, but with some creativity, you can get all the protein you need even when you’re sticking to a diet of soft foods. Here are some tips:


What if I don’t have an appetite after dental implant surgery?

We expect that you’ll have very little appetite after oral surgery—and even if you are hungry, you may feel nervous about eating. That said, it’s important to eat so your body has the fuel it needs to heal from surgery. Stock up on a variety of foods prior to your surgery so that afterwards, you can choose something that appeals to you. If you’re not hungry, sip on broth and protein shakes.


More best practices for a faster recovery following dental implants.

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